Thursday, March 25, 2010

Patrick Ness to complete Siobhan Dowd novel

2009 Carnegie Medalist Siobhan Dowd, who died in August 2007, left the beginning of a novel with Walker Books. Now, Guardian and Costa award winning author Patrick Ness has taken Dowd’s preliminary pages and agreed to write a novel from them.

Denise Johnstone-Burt, Publisher at Walker Books, who commissioned the original novel from Siobhan, says:
‘We are delighted that such a fine writer as Patrick should have, as it were, teamed up with Siobhan to craft her initial work into a novel that reflects both her unique imagination and his genius. It is an incredibly exciting fusion of talent that I am certain would have delighted Siobhan were she alive today.’

Denise Dowd, Siobhan’s sister, says:
‘I am reading Patrick Ness' book The Knife of Never Letting Go at the moment and enjoying it hugely. I am delighted that such an eminent author is prepared to take on this task and I am sure the result will be well worth it.’

Patrick Ness, says:
‘I never met Siobhan when she was alive, but it feels as if I know her through her brilliant books. She was an irreverent and hugely welcoming writer, and I certainly don’t see this as a humourless, po-faced eulogy – I don’t get the feeling Siobhan would have liked that at all. There’s good mischief to be had. I can’t wait to get started.’

The book will be published in May 2011.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

IBBY Ireland announces nominations

Ibby Ireland has announced the nominations for The Hans Christian Anderson Prize. Illustrator PJ Lynch and author Eoin Colfer. Pictured here is PJ Lynch receiving a copy of the nomination dossier from Valerie Coughlan. Visit IBBY Ireland's new website