Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dubray Books moves Childrens section to front of store

Irish Bookseller chain, Dubray Books has moved its childrens department to the front of store in Dun Laoghaire Shopping Centre.

As part of their moving the Dubray owned SWALK gift shop from the groundfloor mall to a dedicated section of the bookshop, the childrens section has moved to the front giving the shop a vibrant and welcoming new look. Dubray has installed a small bookshop in the unit vacated by SWALK opening on to Georges' St.

Tired of hearing about the imminent death of bookstores?

Christine Onorati, the owner of WORD, Brooklyn, N.Y., is tired of hearing about how bookstores are doomed. "Half of all restaurants that open close," she said during a panel of New York independent booksellers who gathered last Friday at Greenlight Bookstore to celebrate the reissuing of Andrew Laties's Rebel Bookseller (Seven Stories). "But nobody says restaurants are dying." This was not an academic question for Onorati: her first bookstore never clicked with the Long Island community where it was located and she closed it before opening WORD. "People usually like the idea of a bookstore and what it represents to have one in their neighborhood," she said, but they don't always take the next step of actively shopping there. That's not a problem at WORD though: "We've grown every year since we opened, and our clientele is young."


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Irish Times Reviews PJ Lynch, Paula Leyden and Jean Flitcroft

Summer Roundup Chldrens Book reviews in todays Irish Times.

From Walker Books;
Pj Lynch's No One But You
Paula Leyden's Butterfly Heart
Maya Soetoro Ng's Ladder to the Moon
Jeanne Willis' Mole's Sunrise

From Little Island
Jean Flitcroft's Cryptid Files; Mexican Devil

The reviewer describs Chris Van Allsburg's (Jumanji & The Polar Express) work as 'pencil plodding art' ? oops!

Weekend Review
23 Jul 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The E Reader; Technological Contrivance at its worst!

Ruth Burke-Kennedy suggests an ebook reader, such as the Kindle, is technological contrivance at its worst. At last, some sense about these annoying gadgets!


Niamh Sharkey Illustrates for Childrens Books Ireland Book Festival

Niamh Sharkey has been commisioned to illustrate the CBI (Childrens Books Ireland) Book Festival Guide and Poster for 2011.
There will be considerable book eating during the whole month of October in Bookshops, Libraries and Schools nationwide.
For information contact CBI

Niamh recently won the Irish Book Award (2010) for 'On the Road with Mavis and Marge' and previously won the Bisto Book of the Year and The Mother Goose Award

Niamh's Website Here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PJ Lynch Interview - Sunday Times

Full text of Sunday Times feature on PJ Lynch
PJ's new book 'No One But You' is available now. Click Here for details.

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Judy Moody Movie

It now official! Universal Pictures has just confirmed that the UK and Ireland release date of the Judy Moody movie is now set for October 21st.
The Judy Moody books have been hugely succesful in Ireland over the past 10 years and fans will be delighted ot hear that the author, Megan McDonald has also written the screenplay for the movie.

Full list of Judy Moody Books Here