Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Picturebooks from Walker

Two big Irish talents appear on this month's Walker Books list.

Gordon Snell's sequel to the King of Quizzical Island - The King of Quizzical Island Digs Through the World tells the story of the brave King's latest attempt to prove that the world is round. Told in snappy lyrical verse this is a brilliant read aloud for boys and girls aged 3+ Illustrations by David McKee, (King Rollo films- Mr Benn, Elmer)
The Whispering Witches whimpered;
The Owl got quite hysterical.
He said, "Supposing you dig through the world
And find it isn't spherical?"

Mary Murphy's Utterly Lovely One is a beautiful celebration of a Mother's love for her little one. Brimming with affectionate language, positivity and with such energy too, it is a perfect read-a-loud for the very young (and Fathers can read it too!) There is a freshness to Mary Murphy's illustrative style that is unparalleled and the design and production quality of this book show off the talents of Walker Books' art department.