Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PJ Lynch paints 'live' at Hodges Figgis

On Wednesday 23rd November PJ Lynch will paint a large canvas in the window at Hodges Figgis, Dublin.
PJ has chosen to recreate the scene of the Ghost of Christmas Present from his illustrated version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  The two adjacent windows will be adorned with huge backdrop printed images from the same book so the finished display with PJ's original art in the main window will be impressive to say the least!
PJ will be 'installed' in the main window until Saturday 26th November, so he has commenced work on the painting in his studio.  Visitors to the shop will be able to see his work in progress - well beyond pencil sketches and roughs but you can see the work so far in stages below.

Check out David Maybury's short film of PJ sizing up the window last week here.
Keep an eye on PJ's progress over the next few days on his facebook page or blog

Many thanks to PJ for agreeing to do this work (painting will be auctioned for charity) and also to Hodges Figgis who saw the potential in this initially mad idea.

You can see a short film of PJ working on this painting in the window of Hodges Figgis here

1 comment:

PJ Lynch said...

And thanks to you, Conor, for the initially mad idea!
I am now coming out of the nervous wreck period and am enjoying the painting.
See you later